bye guys

hi, so I decided to delete my blog. mainly because I was growing tired of it, as well as the fact I am studying at university and just don’t have the time. I think it’s also important that I realised this site didn’t exactly help my mental and physical health, and the best thing to do was just cut myself off from it completely.


if you want to stay in contact with me or whatever here’s how - 


instagram: @asherbritton

kik: asherbritton


so yeah, I don’t want to sound dramatic but I hope you know how much I appreciated all of you, your kind words and the support you’ve given me through my own life. I realise I sound like I think I’m really important and that people will actually miss me, but I would just feel wrong without saying it. and I promised someone I would never just pick up and leave without telling you all. 

anyways, I hope you all hang in there! 

kiss kiss kiss

Asher x